Inexpensive Crafts


To upgrade your craft supply storage, all you need are some glass jars, vinyl lettering, and the right kind of spray paint. If you don’t have any jars yet at home, shop at the Dollar Store or some thrift shops. 

DIY Floating Shelves and Bathroom

Floating shelves make any space look more polished and luxurious, but they can be expensive to buy and difficult to install. Believe it or not, this blogger made both of these shelves for just about $10!

Chalkboard Wall

Put a chalkboard anywhere you can paint.

Frame Shelf

Find some old frames and attach wood around the edges. This creates a shelf where you can display anything in a cool, unique way!

Gold Flower Pots

Give your home a luxury look by spray painting ordinary flower pots a metallic gold. Can bring an exquisite design to any home or apartment.